The MA in religion is an academic study of religion to prepare students to meet Ph.D. entrance requirements, teach college on the freshman and sophomore levels, and teach in private schools.

Master of Arts in Religion

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With a Master of Arts in Religion, you will develop your understanding of the classical and modern theories and current research of religion, preparing you to express scholarly ideas by teaching at the high school and undergraduate levels or continuing your education in a Ph.D. program.

Undergraduate Admissions

In the Religion graduate program, you will develop the research and writing skills essential for scholars in the field of religious studies.

Through the study of theology, world religions, literature and other topics, you will be able to converse with others about the philosophical assumptions, theories and research as it relates to religion.

Opportunities will allow you deeper study into various religious topics, the Old and New Testament and languages such as Hebrew and Greek, or a concentration in another department such as English or psychology.

Catering to your interests, the program allows you to choose a research or teaching track, offering opportunities to explore a religion topic in a thesis project or learn how to instruct others through a seminar and internship.

By completing a Master of Arts in Religion, you will be prepared for opportunities to teach at the high school and college undergraduate levels. You will also be ready for advanced graduate studies in religion.

In addition to the University’s prerequisites, the Master of Arts in Religion requires the completion of 36 credit hours, including 18 hours of common coursework, 12 hours from one of three concentrations in either religious studies, biblical studies and language concentration or an out-of-department concentration, and six hours in a research or teaching track.

Upon completion of the first 30 hours of the program, students must complete a comprehensive exam covering coursework prior to advancing to the final six hours in a research or teaching track.

In order to graduate, all students must also pass either an oral defense of a thesis or a successful oral or written defense of an internship.

Additional information, including specific courses and their corresponding credit hours, is available in the Academic Catalog.

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