Redesigned launches this week

New Website Features a Simplified Navigation and Robust Search and Filter Functionality

Campus Upgrades

As we approach the fall semester, our team is excited to be at a major milestone in our web redesign—a project that began in late spring 2019. The new Gardner-Webb University website will launch on Friday, Aug. 7, 2020.

Designed by Up&Up Agency of Greenville, S.C., the new features a simplified navigation for desktop and mobile with a robust search and filter functionality. Information is presented with beautiful photography and vibrant brand-specific colors to create a warm, welcoming, approachable and inspiring experience. The goal is to capture Gardner-Webb's spirit of excellence while connecting with users. After the launch on Friday evening, the redesign team, led by Thea Thompson, associate vice president for web and digital communications, will work through the weekend to ensure a good user experience and that all core functions are working prior to Monday morning, Aug. 10.

What can you expect on Aug. 10?

When you visit, you will see the bold, new design and a navigation menu at the top that has been paired down to just six main links: Academics, Admissions and Aid, Student Life, Request (for information), Visit, and Apply. You'll also see a hamburger menu on the top right that includes additional quick links, including access to Webbconnect. However, at any point, Webbconnect can be directly accessed by typing into your browser. You can even bookmark this page for future access, without having to go through the website. On Monday morning, you will also receive an email with more information and additional details.

How do I report issues or request changes?

You are our experts. After reviewing your sections of the website, report any issues or changes to our team through the Website Change Request form. These reports/requests will be reviewed and prioritized for completion.

The team is very excited for you to see and experience the new website. This is a huge project that will yield great results for the University and the University community.