Summer Leadership Experience

18 Incoming Freshmen Learn about the GWU Campus and Surrounding Community

Summer Leadership Experience

A group of 18 incoming freshmen recently participated in the Summer Leadership Experience, receiving a preview of what the fall semester will be like at Gardner-Webb. While exercising social distancing and wearing face coverings in adherence to coronavirus safety protocols, the students learned various aspects of leadership, and they were also introduced to campus life and the surrounding community.

The three-day event is coordinated by Micah T. Martin, director of the Center for Personal and Professional Development. Participants used Gallup's Strengths Finder to determine their talents, passion, and purpose.

Cory Dragun, of Clover, S.C., said he learned how to begin the semester as a leader on campus. “It’s been a wonderful time,” Dragon observed. “It’s been great getting to know each individual person that has been here.”

Lauren Trusty, of Greenville, S.C., commented that it felt different having to stay six feet apart and wear a mask, but she appreciated being able to meet new people, and learn more about the GWU campus and activities. “Being an incoming freshman, it’s crazy and concerning,” she offered. “You don’t know what to do with clubs or how to get around campus. I learned how I can actually be a part of the campus.”

Janessa Johnson, of Rutherford County, N.C., also used the experience to make new friends and learn her way around the campus and community. “It just really allowed me to be able to figure out the clubs and organizations that we have here,” she affirmed. “It was just a super awesome experience.”

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