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**This Calculator uses JavaScript**


**This calculator is provided for unofficial use only and the results are not binding on the University. Gardner-Webb uses the Institutional GPA (not the Overall GPA which includes transfer work) in the calculation of academic standing and graduation honors.


The calculator does not take into account the 6-repeats rule (No more than 6 repeats are allowed), and will only take the current GPA and Hours into account if they are both entered in the top part of the calculator.


To use the calculator:

  1. If you want to know how grades will affect your current GPA, consult your transcript for your current GPA Hours and GPA and enter the information in the top two blocks of the calculator; or, leave them zero and your current GPA will not be taken into account in the final answer.
  2. Fill in the grade (capital letter) you expect to receive, and the credit hours for each course.
  3. If you are repeating a course, enter the previous grade (capital letter) you received for the class in the Previous Grade box. Because a repeat grade involves your overall work and not just your work for the term, the calculator requires the current GPA Hours and GPA to be entered when figuring the GPA with repeated courses.
  4. When you are satisfied with your input click the <Calculate> button for your result.
  5. If you want a result with different input, either change the appropriate box or boxes and click the <Calculate> button for a new result, or click the <Reset> button to clear the form and start all over.
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