Policy and Procedure

Using the information from accrediting agencies and agencies such as The Council on Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), the following policies and procedures have been developed for Gardner-Webb University’s PLA Program:


  • Only currently enrolled DCP students are eligible to participate in the PLA program. The student presents a portfolio which contains a PLA Application, PLA Documentation form with supportive documents of learning, and the courses to which those experiences relate.
  • Credit earned in the PLA program may not duplicate credit previously recorded on the Gardner-Webb University transcript.
  • PLA credits are equated to specific Gardner-Webb University courses.
  • The student may receive instructions on how to develop the portfolio for evaluation by the PLA Director.
  • The student must submit the portfolio for assessment prior to registration for the student’s final semester.
  • Credits are posted on the Gardner-Webb University transcript after one semester of work is completed at the Gardner-Webb.
  • After the student consults with his/her Academic Advisor, and is interested in portfolio development should contact the Director of Prior Learning Assessment at (704) 406-2173 to begin the process.


Assessment Fees

Current portfolio assessment fee: $100

Current transcription fee: $100 per course

Fees are subject to change and are charged according to the current fee schedule.