Library Guidelines

Food and Drink

  • Food and drink are permitted in the library.  Closable containers for beverages and meals are strongly encouraged.
  • Food delivery is not permitted.
  • Trash and Recycle bins are available on all three floors of the library.

Cell Phones

  • When in the library, please have your cell phone or mobile device set to silent or vibrate.
  • If talking on your cell phone, move to an area that will not cause disruption for others, such as the front foyer or outside.

Charging Devices

  • There are outlets available throughout the library for charging laptops and mobile devices. Be mindful of cords when charging laptops and mobile devices to avoid creating a trip hazard.


  • Please keep your voice at a reasonable level that is not disruptive to others who are in the library to study or do research.

Security Gate

  • The library exit has a security system. If it beeps while you are going out, please step back and you will be assisted by a Circulation Desk staff member.


  • A university ID is required to enter the library during the Fall and Spring semesters after 10pm.  Hours may vary by term.  For the full list of hours, view the Library Hours page.

Emergency Procedures

  • In the case of a fire alarm, please exit the building and walk across to the front of the Digital Learning Studio.
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