The mission of the Counseling Center is to meet the developmental and emotional needs of students within a Christian community. The Counseling Center supports the mission of the Student Development Division to accomplish the University Mission.

The Counseling Center maintains its student-centered focus by providing a comprehensive guidance and counseling program to assist students in accomplishing personal and academic goals.

The following goals are satisfied to support the mission of the Counseling Center:

  • To provide individual, group, couple, and family counseling to students who may be experiencing psychological, behavioral, or learning difficulties.
  • To provide compassionate care and empowerment for life long wellness.
  • To provide support of a culture that provides honesty, integrity, and respect for all individuals and supports learning.
  • To provide programming focused on the developmental needs of college students to maximize their potential for academic and personal development.
  • To provide consultative services to various components to help foster an environment supportive of the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical development of the students.
  • Select and utilize a variety of assessment services to identify student needs.